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Sharp Family Land Purchase, Livingston Co., KY, 1869

On 22 May 1869, William C. Sharp purchased 260 acres of land in Livingston County, Kentucky from Web and Octavia Owen for 2500 dollars. A transcription of the deed follows the images.

The transcription was made using the guidelines of the Minnesota Historical Society.

[MS page 354]
W. Owen & wife This Indenture made and entered into this 22nd day May
A.D. 1869 By and between Webb Owen of the County
  To / Deedof Livingston and State of Kentucky of the first part and
William C. Sharp of the County Pope and State
W.C. SharpIllinois of the second part. Witnesseth that the party of
the first part for and in consideration of the sum of Twenty
  Examinedfive hundred Dollars, One thousand dollars in hand paid
the remainder in promissory note on said Sharp bearing
even date with this Deed in hand paid the receipt - where of
Stamp Tax & fees pd is hereby acknowledged, hath granted, bargained, and sold,
   To W.M.T.aliened conveyed, and confirmed, and by these presents doth grant
bargain, Sell alien Convey and confirm unto the party of the
  DeliveredSecond part, his heirs and assigns forever, A certain Tract
  To W.M.or parcel of land, lying and being in the County of Livin-
  Threlkeldgston and State of Kentucky on the waters of McGilligan
Oct. 4 1869Creek and bounded as follows Beginning on a White
oak and Sassafras Corner to Orvil Newman thence South
78 E 72 poles to a white oak on the top of the bluff thence
N 30 E 31 poles to a Black oak thence N 20 E 60 poles
to a stake thence N 25 E 34 poles to an elm on the top of
Said Bluff thence N 15 W 12 poles to a to a [sic] Stone
thence N 15½ E 85 poles to a Sweet gum in a branch corner
to Stallions And Pace thence down the branch with its
meanders when reduced to a strait line N 71 W 36 poles to
a sweet gum & over cup oak thence down the branch again
with its meanders N 55 W 68 poles N 79 W 14 poles to a Hickory
in Kidds line And with said line S 15 W 96 poles to a stone
corner to Kidd thence S 79½ W passing a corner on two white oaks
& hickory at 93 poles in all 151 poles to a hickory Red oak &
then on a branch thence up the branch with its meanders when
reduced to a Strait line S 11 W 60 poles to a stone thence N 82 E
58 poles to a dogwood sapling thence S 22 W 58 poles to the
Beginning. Containing Two hundred and Sixty Acres more or
less. The said Owen doth agree with the said Sharp to give
possession of said described land on the 25 day of Decem-
ber 1869. To have and to hold the said tract or parcel of
land with all of its appurtenances unto the party of the
second part his heirs and assigns forever And the said
Webb Owen doth further covenant and agree to and with
the party of the second part his heirs and assigns forever
that he will and his heirs, executors, Administrators, etc. Shall
warrant and forever defend the said herein before described bargain-
ed and sold land and premises from the claim of any and
all persons who may Set up claim in a Covenant of General Warranty
In Testimony Whereof the said party of the first part hath
hereunto set this hand and seal the day and year first
herein written. Webb Owen (seal)
Octavia Owen (seal)

[MS page 355]
Commonwealth of Kentucky }
Livingston County} Sct
I John L. Vick Clerk of
the County Court in and for the County and
Commonwealth aforesaid do hereby certify that the foregoing
Deed from Webb Owen & wife to Wm. C. Sharp was prod-
duced to me in my County and was duly acknowledged
by the said Webb Owen on the 22nd day of May 1869 and
by Octavia Owen his wife on the 14 day of June 1869 to be
their act and deed duly stamped and with Internal Revenue
Stamp of the denomination of $2.50 and lodged for
record. Where upon the same together with this certificate
hath been duly admitted to record. Witness my hand this
6th day of July 1869.John L. Vick Clerk
Pr W. M. Threlkeld D. C.

Reference Note:

Livingston County, Kentucky, Deed Book 7:354-355, Web Owen to William C. Sharp, 22 May 1869; recorded, 6 July 1869; Livingston County Clerk, Smithland.


On the deed, William Sharp gives his place of residence as Pope County, Illinois. Just a month earlier, William completed the sale of his Pope County, Illinois property. The deed states that the Sharp family can take possession of the Livingston County, Kentucky property on Christmas day, 25 December 1869. However, it is uncertain if he can remain in his Pope County farm until then - perhaps they had "rent back" provisions in those days.

This farm was later inherited by my grandfather, William J. Sharp.

From my memory of visits to the farm during my youth, it was reached from Joy, Kentucky by taking Lola Rd. (State Highway 133) west about 1 mile and turning left onto Pisgah Rd. (State Highway 1436) and following Pisgah southwest for about 1 mile. The farm was on the right and a gravel entrance road led up to a two-story house which could be seen from Pisgah Rd. One could hike from the back fields of the farm to Mantle Rock on McGilligan Creek.