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William C. Sharp's will, 1884, Livingston Co., KY

On 2 June 1884, William C. Sharp had this will prepared and witnessed. He would pass away almost 6 months later on 18 December 1884. A transcription of the will follows the images.

[MS page 92]

I William C. Sharp in the name of God and in the hope of
Eternal life through Jesus Christ, Do make and declare this
my last will and testament as follows Viz,
1st I desire that after my just debts and burial and funeral
expenses are paid, that my beloved wife Delilah Shall have
entire control of all my estate both personal and real, consisting
in lands, moneys on hand, debts due me, stock etc. and whatever
kind of property I may die seized, and enjoy the profits of the
same during her life or widowhood, Provided that my said wife
Delilah shall in no case sell transfer or dispose of any real
estate owned by me, at the time of my death but shall have full
control of all personally with power to sell and dispose of the same
as she may see fit, but shall account to the heirs whose names
will follow at the final execution of this will for all personal
property or the value thereof owned by me at the time of my
2nd It is my desire and I so direct that my said wife
Delilah shall receive in her own right, use, and enjoy and dispose
of, at will without any restrictions whatever, all rents interest and profits
whither arising, on real, or personal property during her natural life
or widowhood
3rd It is my desire that at the death or marriage of my said
wife that all my estate both real and personal be equally divided
among my children and lawful heirs viz: Sarah E. Sharp, Perry C.
Sharp, Charles B. Sharp, George A. Sharp, Ida B. Sharp now
Ida B. Washer, Mary V. Sharp and William Sharp Jr., and that
the whole of said estate be divided among the above mentioned
heirs equally.
4th It is my desire and I so will it that my eldest daugh-
ter Sarah E. have and receive as her portion of my estate
Three hundred dollars payable in installments of Fifty
dollars each annually from the date of my death. Provided
that if at the final execution of this my last Will there
is a greater amount due her on a equal division of my
estate among my heirs above mentioned she shall have and

[MS page 93]

receive such an amount from my estate as will make
her share equal to that of the other heirs.
5th I desire that my daughter Ida B. (now Ida B. Washer
wife of W.P. Washer) have and receive for her portion of my
estate, Three land notes held by me against her husband
for about One hundred Dollars each amounting in the aggregate
to about three hundred dollars. Provided that at the
final execution of this Will if on an equal division of
my estate among the heirs above mentioned a greater
amount be found due her she shall receive such an
amount as will make her share equal to that of the others.
6th I desire and direct that all my estate both real & personal
be equally divided among my heirs among mentioned after
having charged my daughter Sarah E. and Ida B., with
the amounts received by them and heretofore spoken of
in this Will.
7th I desire that my wife Delilah Sharp be my Executrix
to this Will.
In Testimony whereof I have on the 2nd day of June 1884
signed and acknowledged the same in the presence of
attest. J. M. Griffith } William C. Sharp
J.N. Clemens
Residence Carrsville, Ky.
State of Kentucky } sct.
County of Livingston } I John L. Vick clerk of the county court for
the county and state aforesaid Do certify that the foregoing last
Will and Testament of Wm C. Sharp was this day produced in open
court and proven to be the last Will & testament of said Wm C. Sharp
Dec'd[?] by the Oath of J.M. Griffith one of the subscribing Witnesses
thereto who also proved the attestation of J.N. Clemens another
subscribing witness thereto and said Will was approved by the
Court and ordered to be recorded. Whereupon I have truly recorded
the same and this certificate in my office.
Witness my hand this 7th day of April 1885.
John L. Vick clk

Reference Note:

Livingston County, Kentucky, Will Book C:92-93, William C. Sharp will, 2 June 1884; recorded 7 April 1885; County Clerk, Smithland.


This source has languished in the file cabinet for some years, because it was missing critical citation details. A recent inquiry to the Livingston County Clerk filled in the missing information, so it is now possible to completely cite this source.

William C. Sharp's will enumerates his living children (in 1884) as follows (oldest to youngest):
  • Sarah E.
  • Perry C.
  • Charles B.
  • George A.
  • Ida B. Washer
  • Mary V.
  • William Jr.
Delilah, the executrix of the will, married William C. Sharp in 1849. So it is assumed that she is the mother to all of the children born on or after 1850. Sarah E. was enumerated in the 1850 census at the age of 13. With her birth about 1837 (when Delilah was only 12), it is certain that William had an earlier marriage. In 1884, Sarah is the only surviving son or daughter, from that earlier marriage.