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Pinkney James Addition to Rising Sun, IN : 1838

The Pinkney James Addition is a land annexation in 1838 to the city of Rising Sun. Pinkney James laid out the streets, alleys and lots for this addition to the town. It extended Rising Sun to the east by adding Fifth and Sixth Streets, bounded by Front Street at the Ohio River and by High Street to the north. Pinkney James was also the proprietor for this annex and sold lots to attract new citizens and encourage growth of the city.
The following plat map gives a detailed survey of the new addition. A transcription of the text portion follows the image.

[MS page 3]
Rising Sun Addition
Pinkney James

The Blocks are 24 rods Square
Including the alleys & the Streets are 5 rods
wide. The alley through the first block next
the river is 3 rods wide. The others are
One rod wide. Lots No. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 11, 12,
and 13 are 4 rods front by 10 rods Deep
No. 10 is 4 Rods and 10 feet front by 10 Rods deep
No. 7, 8, and 9 are 57 feet 9 Inches in front
by 122 feet deep. No. 15, 16, 23, 24, 31, 32
39 and 40 are 4 rods front by 11½ rods
deep. All the rest are 4 rods front by 8
rods deep including the alleys which
take half a rod from Each lot that joins
A Map of an addition to the Town of
Rising Sun in Dearborn County & State of
Indiana, laid out by Co'l Pinkney James
adjoining fifth Street on the North Side of
the same, protracted from a Scale 8 rods
to an inch. Rising Sun August 16
1838 Nathaniel L. Squibb Surveyor

Before me Francis Baldwin a Justice
of the Peace personally came Pinkney James the
proprietor aforesaid and made
oath that the above is a true Exhibit
of the addition of Said Town. Given
under my hand Seal of Office this first
day of October 1838 Francis Baldwin JP

Recorded March the [1st?] 1839 Thomas [Palmer?] Recorder


Dearborn County, Indiana, Deed Book, Q:3, Rising Sun Addition by Pinkney James, 1 October 1838; recorded 1 March 1839; Dearborn County Recorder, Lawrenceburg.


This addition to the city of Rising Sun was recorded in Dearborn County since it predates the formation of Ohio County in 1844.