Sunday, November 9, 2014

Census Sunday - Albert H. Sleiser household, 1900 U.S. Census, Livingston Co., KY

The Albert H. Sleiser household was enumerated in the town of Carrsville, Livingston County, Kentucky in 1900[1]. The census reports that Albert had been married to Ida B. Sleiser for about 1 year. Ida has two children in this family: Ama Washer and Hallie Sleiser. An extract of the census data follows:
Page 263-B (stamped)      
Line 66 67 68 69
In Cities: Street Name        
In Cities: Street Number        
1.Dwelling 18      
2.Family 19      
3.Name Sleiser, Albert H. -------, Ida B. Washer, Ama Sleiser, Hallie
4.Relationship of each person to the head of this family Head Wife Step Daughter Daughter
5.Color or race W W W W
6.Sex M F F F
7.Date of Birth - Month Aug Feb Nov Nov
7.Date of Birth - Year 1850 1861 1882 1899
8.Age at last birthday 49 39 17 6/12
9.Whether single, married, widowed, or divorced M M S S
10.Number of years married 1 1    
11.Mother of how many children   2    
12.Number of these children living   2    
13.Place of birth of this person Kentucky Illinois Kentucky Kentucky
14.Place of birth of father of this person Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Alabama Kentucky
15.Place of birth of mother of this person Germany Kentucky Illinois Illinois
16.Year of immigration to the United States        
17.Number of years in the United States        
19.Occupation Miller Flour Dress maker At school  
20.Months not employed 0 0    
21.Attended school (in months)     6  
22.Can read yes yes yes  
23.Can write yes yes yes  
24.Can speak English yes yes yes  
25.Ownership of Home: Owned or rented O      
26.Ownership of Home: Owned free or mortgaged F      
27.Ownership of Home: Farm or house H      
28.Ownership of Home: Number of farm schedule        


The following evidence suggests that Ida B. Sleiser in this 1900 census is the same person as Ida B. Washer in the 1880 census of Livingston County, Kentucky[2]:
  • Both persons report a birthdate of about 1861 and birthplace of Illinois.
  • Both persons report their father's birthplace as Pennsylvania and their mother's birthplace as Kentucky.
  • Ida Sleiser is reported to have two daughters, one named Ama Washer, which matches the surname of the spouse of her previous marriage.
  • Ama Washer's birthdate is consistent with Ida Washer's marriage date[3].
  • Both persons are living in the same county, either in or near the town of Carrsville.
In the 1880 census in which Ida was enumerated, she was married to William P. Washer and was living near her father in Carrsville Magisterial District No. 5[2]. At that time, they did not report having any children. If Ida Sleiser is Ida Washer, then the 1900 census leads us to conclude that two years later, in November 1882, a daughter, Ama, was born to William and Ida.
The 1900 census also tells us that Ida married Albert H. Sleiser in 1899. This raises a number of questions regarding her previous marriage to William Washer. Did they divorce? Did William die? What happened to the property that Ida's father bequeathed to them?

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[See Census Sunday - W. P. Washer household, 1880 U.S. Census, Livingston Co., KY]
3. Pope County, Illinois, Marriage Book D: 26, license 994, William P. Washer and Ida B. Sharp, 1876, marriage affidavit, license and certification; County Clerk's Office, Golconda. [See Wedding Wednesday - William Washer and Ida Sharp, 1876 - Part 1]