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Wedding Wednesday - Albert H. Slesser and Ida Washer, 1899

Albert H. Slesser, of Carrsville, Kentucky, and Ida Washer, of Livingston County, Kentucky, were married on 7 February 1899[1]. This was the second marriage for both bride and groom. The ceremony was officiated by B. A. Brandon, in Carrsville. The marriage bond reports the ages of Ida and Albert were 38 and 48, respectively. Scanned images of the marriage certificate and bond follow.


The marriage bond was signed by Albert and he attested to the accuracy of the information. It is informative to compare the entries he made in the marriage bond with corresponding entries in the 1900 U.S. census[2], where the informant is unknown:

Albert Fact Marriage Bond 1900 US Census
Birthplace Kentucky Kentucky
Age 48 49
Father Birthplace Germany Pennsylvania
Mother Birthplace Germany Germany
Occupation Miller Miller-Flour

Ida Fact Marriage Bond 1900 US Census
Birthplace Illinois Illinois
Age 38 39
Father Birthplace   ? Pennsylvania
Mother Birthplace   ? Kentucky

The information in the two sources almost matches, except for two items. Perhaps understandably, Albert was unable to supply the birthplaces for Ida's parents. He probably didn't have that information yet. The other discrepancy is the birthplace for Albert's father, given as Germany in the marriage bond and Pennsylvania in the 1900 U.S. census[3]. Although the marriage bond and 1900 U.S. census agree on Albert's birthplace as being Kentucky, the 1910 U.S. census[4] and later records, report his birthplace as Germany.
Albert completed the marriage bond application on 6 February 1899, after traveling to Smithland, Kentucky to file it with the county clerk. On that application he states they are "To be married at Bride's home on the -- day of February 1899", leaving the marriage date uncertain. Apparently, their plans changed because the next day, 7 February 1899, he and Ida were married in Carrsville "in the presence of a few special friends, Geo. Sharp & Wright Gwartney."[5]
A "G.A. Sharp" had served as a marriage affidavit witness[6] for Ida'a first marriage. Here "Geo. Sharp" is likely the same person, Ida's older brother, who is attending the wedding as a "special friend". The other "special friend", Wright Gwartney, is likely related to Essie Gwartney who served as a witness to the Affidavit of Heirship[7] for Ida's daughters, Aimee and Hallie.
By June 1900, when Albert and Ida were enumerated in the 1900 U.S. census[8], they had already been married for a year and nearly 4 months. Their first daughter, Hallie had been born and was 6 months old. Amy Washer, Ida's daughter from her first marriage with William P. Washer[9], was also living with them.

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