Thursday, December 4, 2014

Treasure Chest Thursday - Williams-Slesser Deed, Shelby Co., TN, 1921

On 25 May 1921, Ida B. Slesser was grantee in a warranty deed for property in Shelby County, Tennessee.[1] The grantors were S. H. Williams and wife. The best available image of the deed follows:


Usually an image of an original source will provide more information than the index which leads us to it. In this case, it is the index entry[2] which tells us the names of grantor and grantee because the image is of such poor quality. However, the image does reveal the date when the deed was created from the first line:

<This Indenture, Made and entered into this>     25th    <day of>     May     <, 192> 1

The dates when the deed was filed for registration and subsequently recorded are also discernible at the bottom of the document:

<Filed for registration>   Jun[?] 8   <, 192> 1 <, at> 2:12 <o'clock, >  [blank] <M., and noted in Note Book No.> 44 <, page> [illegible] <, and was recorded>   [June? or July?] 15    <, 192> 1

Admittedly, there is not enough context regarding the Ida B. Slesser in this deed to consider her the same person as the Ida married to Albert Slesser and living in Carrsville, Kentucky. That connection will be made in subsequent posts.

1. Shelby County, Tennessee, Deed Book 756:376, S. H. Williams & wife to Ida B. Slesser, 25 May 1921; digital images, "Property Records," Shelby County Register of Deeds ( : accessed 30 Nov 2014).
[The image was updated by Shelby County Register of Deeds on 12 November 2014 to create the best image possible from the microfilm; the original deed books have been destroyed.]
2. Tennessee, "Property Records," database, Shelby County Register of Deeds ( : accessed 30 Nov 2014), index entry for grantee Ida B. Slesser and grantor S.H. Williams & wife.