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Sharp Family Land Purchase, Rising Sun, IN, 1846

On 6 July 1846, William C. Sharp purchased the south half of In Lot 40 of Pinkney James Addition, from Joshua and Susannah Seward for 100 dollars. A transcription of the deed follows the images.

[MS page 530]
Know all men that Joshua Seward and Susannah
Seward his wife, of the County of Ohio in the State of
Indiana, in consideration of the sum of One Hundred
dollars in hand paid by William C. Sharp of the County
and state aforesaid have bargained and sold and do
hereby grant, bargain and sell and convey unto the said
William C. Sharp his heirs and assigns forever, the fol-
lowing Real Estate towit, The South Half of Lot number
forty (40) as designated on the plat of P. James addition
to the town of Rising Sun, in the County and State aforesaid.
To have and to hold said premises with the appurtenances
unto the said William C. Sharp his heirs and assigns
forever. And the said Joshua Seward for himself and heirs
doth hereby covenant with said William C. Sharp his heirs
and assigns, that he is lawfully seized of the premises afore-
said, and that the said premises are free and clear from
all incumbrances whatever; and that he will forever Warrant
and defend the same with the appurtenances, unto the said
William C. Sharp his heirs and assigns against the lawful
or equitable claims of all persons whomsoever. In testimony
whereof the said Joshua Seward and Susannah Seward his
wife, who hereby relinquishes her right of dower in the premises
aforesaid, have hereunto set their hands and seals, this Sixth
day of July, in the year of our Lord Eighteen Hundred and
Forty Six.
Signed, sealed, and delivered in }Joshua Seward {seal}
the presence of A.C. Downey }Susannah Seward {seal}
State of Indiana }
County of Ohio, ss } Before me the undersigned a Notary Public
in and for the said County of Ohio, personally appeared Joshua
Seward the foregoing grantor and acknowledged the foregoing
deed to be his voluntary act and deed for the uses aand purposes
therein specified. And thereupon also appeared the said Susannah
Seward wife of the said Joshua Seward and being by me examined
separate and apart from and without the hearing of her

[MS page 531]
said husband, and the full contents and purports of said
deed being by me first made known to her did on said pri-
vate examination, acknowledge that she executed the same
of her own free will and accord, and without any coercion
or compulsion from her said husband.
{S.S} In testimony whereof, I have hereunto inscribed my
name and affixed my Notarial seal this Sixth day
of July, A.D. 1846
A.C. Downey Notary Public
Received for Record February 15, 1847; Recorded February 25, 1847
William. J. Lambdin Recorder, by James H. Pepper, Deputy

Reference Note:

Ohio County, Indiana, Deed Book, A:530-531, Joshua and Sussanah  Seward to William C. Sharp, 6 July 1846; recorded 25 February 1847; Ohio County Recorde, Rising Sun.


In Lot 40 shares a border with In Lot 42, the land which the Sharp family purchased in 1843. The location of the lots is displayed in the Pinkney James Addition plat map. When the land was sold in 1854, the lots were sold together.