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Delila Sharp Property Sale to C. B. Sharp, Livingston Co., Ky., 1888

On 22 November 1888, Delila Sharp sold Lot 45 in the town of Carrsville, Livingston County, Kentucky, to C. B. Sharp, also of Livingston County, Kentucky, for $300.1 A transcription of the deed follows the image.
[MS page 151]

Warranty Deed

Delila SharpFor the consideration of Three Hundred Dollars cash in
To / Deedhand the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, I Delila
C. B. SharpSharp (widow) of Livingston County Kentucky, have sold and
Tax & fees $1.75by these presents convey, unto C. B. Sharp of same county & state
the following described Lot or parcel of land, lying and being
Lot # 45 as shown on plat of said Town of Carrsville, Ky.
in Carrsville Livingston County Kentucky, ^ To have and To
sd land
ExaminedHold and all the improvements thereon, to the said party
of the second part C. B. Sharp his heirs and assigns forever,
with covenant of “General Warranty.” In testimony whereof,
I who relinquish all right of dower and homestead in
said lands, hereunto sign my name, this the 22nd day
of November 1888.
Delila Sharp (seal)
State of Kentucky}
Livingston County }     I   J. M. Worten Clerk of the County
Court for said county, certify that the foregoing deed
To C. B. Sharp, was on the 22nd day of November 1888,
Acknowledged before me by Delila Sharp to be her act and
deed, for the purposes therein contained.
Given under my hand, the 22nd
of November 1888,
J. M. Worten Clerk,
By Allen Lowery DC
State of Kentucky}
Livingston County }     I   J. M. Worten, Clerk of the County
Court for said county & state do hereby Certify that the
foregoing deed To C. B. Sharp, was this day produced to me
in my office and ordered to be recorded. Whereupon I
have truly recorded it together with this & the foregoing
Certificate in my sd office. Witness my hand, this
the 23rd day of November 1888,
J. M. Worten Clerk,
D. S. Webb DC


This transaction is between a mother (Delila Sharp) and her son (C. B. Sharp).2 It is the first of a pair of transactions recorded on the same dates (22-23 November 1888). The second transaction (in a separate blog post) transfers property from C.B. Sharp and his wife to Delila (also for $300). The net effect of the two transactions is a property swap.
Delila Sharp originally purchased Lot 45 in Carrsville from Mrs. S. C. Evertson on 10 December 1885 for $250.3 That purchase would have been within one year of the death of her husband, William C. Sharp,4 and may be connected to the settlement of his estate. These records don't tell us whether Delila moved from the farm to reside in Carrsville, but that is a possibility.
J. M. Worten's exceptional handwriting throughout this record underscores the fact that the county clerk created a copy or abstract of the original deed certificate presented to him by Delila on 22 November 1888. That original almost certainly no longer exists.

1. Livingston County, Kentucky, Deed Book 16: 151, Delila Sharp to C. B. Sharp, 22 November 1888; recorded, 23 November 1888; Livingston County Clerk, Smithland.
2. Livingston County, Kentucky, Will Book C:92-93, William C. Sharp will, 2 June 1884; recorded 7 April 1885; County Clerk, Smithland. [See blog post: William C. Sharp's will, 1884, Livingston Co., KY, for a discussion of Charles's relation to Delilah.]
3. Livingston County, Kentucky, Deed Book 14: 611, S. C. Evertson to Delila Sharp, 10 December 1885; recorded, 11 December 1885; Livingston County Clerk, Smithland.
4. Old Goodhope Cemetery (Livingston County, Kentucky; 1 mile from intersection of state roads 133 and 1436 (Pisgah Road) on the side of Newman's Bluff), William C. and Delila Sharp marker. The inscription for William C. Sharp reads "Died Dec. 18, 1884." [See blog post: Tombstone Tuesday - William C. Sharp (1812-1884)]