Monday, February 11, 2013

William C. Sharp household, 1880 U.S. Census, Livingston Co., KY

At the time of this census enumeration, the William C. Sharp family had been living at their Livingston County, Kentucky farm for about 10 years.  Here, is the extract of the household enumerated in 1880, lines 38 to 45...

Page 375D (stamped)
Line 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45
In Cities: Street Name
In Cities: Street Number
1.Dwelling 207
2.Family 207
3.Name Sharp C. William Sharp Delilah Sharp Mary Sharp J. William Sharp George Sharp Laura Sharp Charles Sharp Effa
4.Color W W W W W W W W
5.Sex M F F M M F M F
6.Age 68 55 15 13 24 18 2 3/12
7.If born within the Census year, give the month Apr
8.Relationship of each person to the head of this family Wife Daughter Son Son Daughter
 - in law
Grandson Grand daughter
9.Civil Condition: Single 1 1
10.Civil Condition: Married 1 1 1 1
11.Civil Condition: Widowed, divorced
12.Married during census year
13.Occupation Farmer House keeper At home Farm hand
14.Number of months this person has been unemployed during the Census year
15.Is the person (on the day of the enumerator's visit) sick, or temporarily disabled so as to be unable to ordinary business or duties? If so, what is the sickness or disability?
16.Health: Blind
17.Health: Deaf and dumb
18.Health: Idiotic
19.Health: Insane
20.Health: Maimed, crippled, bedridden, or otherwise disabled
21.Education: Attended school within the Census year
22.Education: Cannot read
23.Education: Cannot write
24.Place of Birth of this person Pennsylvania Kentucky Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois
25.Place of Birth of the father of this person N. Jersey Virginia Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Kentucky Illinois Illinois
26.Place of Birth of the mother of this person N. Jersey Maryland Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky Tennessee Tennessee Kentucky

Reference Note:

1880, US. census, Livingston County, Kentucky, population schedule, Carrsville Mag. Dist. #5, enumeration district (ED) 84, p. 375D (stamped), p. 24 (penned), dwelling 207, family 207, William C. Sharp; digital images, ( : accessed 15 November 2012); citing National Archives micro-film publication T9, roll 429.
[On the digital image the page appears to be stamped as 375B. The upper left corner of the page is folded over exposing the letter "B" of the page behind it on page 374B. If you turn to the previous page, 375C, the upper right corner reveals the "D" of the folded page corner (and conceals the letter "C" on that page).]


From the census page, the enumeration date was 19 June 1880 and the enumerator was Robt. Hamson. The family members listed reflect who was present on 1 June 1880 according to the 1880 enumeration instructions.
This enumerator recorded names in column 3 using the order: last name, middle initial, first name. For example, William C. Sharp is recorded as "Sharp C. William" and William J. Sharp is recorded as " Sharp J. William".
The 1880 U.S. census column 8 gives the relationship of each member of the household to the head of household. The son William J. and daughter Mary, who were missing from the 1870 census, are now present.
In column 26, the places of birth of the mother of the grandson Charles and grand-daughter Effa are Tennessee and Kentucky respectively. If Laura is the mother of these children, then the expected mother's birthplace for both would be Illinois. This may be an entry error or it may indicate other mothers for these children.